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What is Fantasy Worlds: Rhynn?

Fantasy Worlds: Rhynn is an open source real time Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game (MMORPG) for mobile phones.

Once connected to the Internet with the mobile phone you can interact with hundreds of players, controlled by other humans or AI. The goal is to develop your virtual character and to explore the expanding world of Rhynn. Many quests of varying difficulty and complexity wait to be solved and vast numbers of enemies must be overcome. Team up, chat, and trade with others in real time and immerse into the story of Rhynn - anywhere, anytime.

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Mobile phone
In order to play Fantasy Worlds: Rhynn, you must have a Java enabled cellphone.
For an overview of some devices compatible with the game see the device compatibility list.

Mobile network
Fantasy Worlds: Rhynn is a multiplayer online game. While playing the game, a persistent Internet connection over GPRS or another network service is needed to exchange data among the players.

User account (for free)
To obtain a unique game character in Fantasy Worlds: Rhynn, a user account has to be created first. This can be done from within the game.


Download and Installation

The game can be obtained from the download page.
More information about how to install the game can be found on the installation instructions website.



Version 1.3
Multiple characters per user

Five different character types: Human, Elf, Dwarf, Orc, and Wizard

Complex character development

Real-time combat between characters / PvP

Public and private chat

NPC Dialogues

Non player characters (AI)

Ite system featuring 72 different item types

9 different magic scroll types of varying strength

Effective range and attack rate capabilities of weapons


Trading with other characters