How to Play: Character Adminstration

Once you are logged in, a list of the characters that belong to your user account are displayed.
If you log in for the first time, you will see only one character named "Player".

You can scroll through the characters by pressing UP/DOWN. Pressing FIRE or choosing the "SELECT" option from the options list will make the highlighted character the current one. You will then be transferred to the game world.

The following options are available on the character selection screen:

Select Character

If you want to select the highlighted character to join the game world, choose "SELECT" from the options list.
You will then be joining the Fantasy Worlds: Rhynn game world with the character you selected.


Create New Character

Activating the "CREATE NEW" option will transfer you to the class selection screen. You can choose from the four character classes
- human
- dwarf
- elf
- orc

Activating the SELECT command will select the highlighted class. You will then have to specify a name for your new character.
The CANCEL command will bring you back to the character selection screen.


Delete / Rename Character

Further options are available for the currently highlighted/selected character:
Delete Character: The currently highlighted character will be removed.
Rename Character: You will be prompted to provide another name.

Logging In, Registering