How to Play: Character Building

Experience and experience levels

If you succeed in killing an enemy during a fight, you will gain experience points, that are displayed on the top bar of the screen (see Game interface).
The amount of experience points you gain depends on the experience level (see below) of your enemy. The higher the level of the enemy you killed, the more experience points you get.

If you manage to get a certain amount of experience points, you reach the next experience level. At the very beginning of your game your experience level is 0. But shortly after your first enemy encounters, your level will rise to 1. After reaching level 1 you can then explore a little more of the game world and gain more experience points until you finally reach the next level - and so forth.
Reaching the next experience level means that you are rewarded with 6 attribute points.
Attribute points increase certain attribute values of your character.

The attributes of a character in FantasyWorlds are:
  • Maxhealth: Maximum health fitness of your character, you need your health to survive
  • Maxmana: Maximum mana fitness of your character, you need mana to use special items such as spells
  • Damage: The maximum damage value your character can inflict on an enemy. For instance, a damage of 20.0 means an enemy who completely fails to defend himself will lose 20.0 health points when your attack succeeds.
  • Attack: The attack value of your character determines the probability to hit another player with agiven defense value.
  • Defense: Maximum defense value your character can make use of decrease the possibility of being hit by someone
  • Magic: The magic capability of your character adds a bonus to the attack and defense values when wearing magical items, also allows your character to wear certain items that require individual magic values
  • Skill: Like the magic attribute, skill adds a bonus to the attack and defense values, and allows to wear certain items that require individual skill values

Distributing attribute points

Once your character reaches a new experience level, you may distribute points on any of the attributes mentioned above.
Here is how to do it:

  1. While in normal game mode, activate the left command button (ACTION), to open the action menu
  2. Select the third button (a character figure is on it) from the left (use the LEFT/RIGHT keys to navigate through the buttons of the action menu)
  3. While the character button is still selected, hit FIRE or activate the left command key (SELECT) again, to access the chracter screen
  4. The character screen opens as shown in the screenshot below

  5. On the lower part of the character screen all atrributes of your character are listed
  6. The number of points you can distribute on the attributes is stated directly above the attribute list
  7. If the number of attribute points is greater than zero, you can

    - Use the UP/DOWN keys to select the attribute you want to increase the value of.
    - Hit the FIRE key while the attribute of your choice is selected, to spend a point on that attribute.
     The value of the given attribute will increase by the amount that is stated behind the '+' sign trailing the highlighted attribute

How much a given attribute is increased by one attribute point depends on the class of your character.
Say for instance, you chose 'Orc' to be the class of your character. Then, spending one point on the 'attack' attribute will increase the attack value by 1.6, whereas spending a point on 'magic' will only increase the magic value by 0.6.
This is because Orcs are strong warriors but their magic skills are rather poor.

Note that attribute values can also be increased by items your character is wearing. To have your character wear items like weapons or armour you must equip these items.
See the inventory section for more information about how to do this.

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