How to Play: Chatting and NPC Dialogues

Rhynn offers three ways of direct communication:

Public Chat

This feature enables you to talk to all players that can see you on their phone display.
To send a public message, do the following:

  1. Activate the ACTION command
  2. Select the fourth button from the left, showing a balloon
  3. A submenu comes up, select the TALK TO ALL option
  4. Input your chat message into the input window at the bottom
  5. Send the message - it appears right on top of your character, visible for everyone to read

Private Chat, NPC Dialogues


Private Chat

This feature enables you to talk to one specific player that is in your range.

Starting a private chat session / sending private messages:
  1. Activate the ACTION command
  2. Select the fourth button from the left, showing a balloon
  3. Select the TALK TO... option from the submenu
  4. Select one of the players that are in your range, using the direction keys (UP/DOWN, LEFT/RIGHT).
  5. Once the correct player is selected, activate the SELECT command (or press FIRE) to go to the chat screen. In case you selected an NPC, a dialogue will come up, see NPC Dialogues for this.

  6. Input your chat message
  7. Send the message via the SEND button

To send more messages, repeat steps 5 to 7.


Receiving private chat messages:

While your chat menu is still open, you will receive all messages from the player you are chatting with, directly into the chat window.
If however you are not in the chat menu or someone else but your current chat partner is sending a message to you, it will be added to the message list.
  1. To notify you that a message has been added, the message icon flashes in the top left corner of your screen
  2. To bring up the list of messages, hit the ACTION button, activate the chat button (fourth from the left) and select MESSAGES from the submenu
  3. Highlight one of the messages by scrolling with the UP / DOWN keys
  4. Activate the SHOW button from the options list or hit FIRE to select the highlighted message
  5. You will be transferred to the chat menu, with the incoming message displayed
  6. You can now send messages to and receive messages from the player who had sent the initial message to you

Public Chat, NPC Dialogues


NPC Dialogues

Using the private chat option on an NPC (Non Player Character / a player controlled by the server) will initialize a set of dialogues.

  1. Select an NPC for private chat as explained above.
  2. A window will come up on the lower part of the screen showing you what the NPC is saying (the top phrase), and your choices for an answer.
  3. If you have more than one answer to select from, use the UP / DOWN keys to highlight the answer you want to send.
  4. With the answer highlighted, activate the SELECT command (or press FIRE) to send it.
  5. After you have sent the message the NPC may or may reply to this himself and you may continue the dialogue by selecting and sending the answers you want to give.

  6. In some cases, NPCs will ask you for help or tasks to fulfill. You may then decide via the answer you pick, whether or not you want to do what the NPC requests.
  7. If you decide to accept such a quest, an entry will be made in your questbook plus a message will come up to notify you of it. Read more on quests to find out how to access and browse through the quest book.

  8. You can always leave a dialgue by activating the CANCEL command.

Public Chat, Private Chat, Quests