How to Play: Fight

  1. To enable fight mode, you must activate the ACTION comand.
    The action menu will come up.

  2. Highlight the first button from the left that is showing two crossed swords and hit the FIRE key or the left command key.

  3. Alternatively, you can also use the "1" number key on your phone to directly switch to fight mode while in the game.

  4. If one or more targets are visible on the display, you will be able to select the specific target you want to attack.
    Use the direction keys (UP/DOWN, LEFT/RIGHT) to select another target than the one which is currently selected. Note that when you are in target selection mode, you cannot move.

    The currently selected target is displayed locked within a white cursor. Additionally, you can see the target's name on top of the screen.
    To select a target, you must hit FIRE or activate the SEL. TARGET (select target) command.
    Activating the BACK command will bring you back to normal game mode.

  5. You will now see that the target crosshair has changed. If the target is within your individual weaponrange when attacking, the crosshair is displayed green. The crosshair turns to orange once the target leaves the radius of your weapon range or if the target is on a "peaceful" field where attacking is not possible.
    You can only attack a target that is in your weapon range. If a target is on a peaceful field you will notice a white icon floating over the head of the target within the attack cursor.
    As a consequence it is not possible for enemies to attack your character while it is on a peaceful field.

  6. To issue an attack, press FIRE or activate the ATTACK command button. If your attack was successful, the target will flash showing the current health status above it. If however your attack was completely blocked, the target will flash with a small shield icon. The same is true for yourslef if you are attacked. Once you started an attack, you need some time to recharge your weapon. You can observe the recharge progress of your weapon in the lower left corner of the screen.
    You will not be able to start another attack until the recharge bar is fully filled again, indicating that the weapon is completely recharged.
    Remember, that while attacking you may, at the same time, move freely around.
    If you manage to kill an enemy, a death icon will show up at the position where it has been before it was killed. Occasionally, monsters will drop gold or items after having been killed.
    Depending on the level of the enemy you will gain experience points. The experience points are shown on the top bar (see: Game interface).
    If your experience points have increased to a certain number, you reach the next experience level. As a reward, you gain 6 attribute points which you can distribute on the individual attributes of your character to increase the value of each one. (see: Character building).

  7. Activating the BACK command will bring you back to the target selection.

  8. When you are killed, you lose experience (however you will not drop below the current experience level) and also - from time to time - one of the precious items or gold which you have found on your journeys. So watch that you are not killed to often. You will respawn at the position that was saved last in the current world usually right in front of the protal through which you entered the world.

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