How to Play: Game Interface and Game Options

After you have selected your character, you are joining the game world. What you see will be similar to the screenshot below.

  • On the top of the screen (A) you can see a horizontal, wooden bar that contains some information about your current game state.
    On the very left side of it a small rectangular slot displays any messages that other players may have sent to you. If any message is wating for you, a yellow icon will flash inside the slot.

    The red bar within the top bar indicates the current health state of your character. The more filled it is, the better is your current health state. If it is close to being all black, only little of your health energy is left and you should try to avoid dangerous combat and maybe use an item to restore your health. The blue bar below the health bar indicates your current mana state. In later versions of the game you will need mana to use special items.

    To the right of the health and mana bars, your current experience count (X:) is shown as well as the amount of gold (G:) that you have amassed on your journey.
    To know how much experience you need until you will have reached the next experience level you should watch the experience bar just below the wooden top bar.
    If the experience bar reaches its maximum value, you may distribute attribute points for every attribute of your character.

  • The major part of the screen is covered by a view on the game world, showing the terrain and other players (B).

  • On the bottom (C) a similar bar as the one on top is displayed.

    1. The action menu

    Using the left command button (labelled ACTION) you will access the action menu as shown below.

    The LEFT/RIGHT keys let you cycle through the buttons.
    You activate any of the buttons when you press the FIRE or when you hit the SELECT command while the button is selected.

    What each of the buttons is for, is explained in the following paragraph.

    • The first button from the left enables fight mode. Fight mode allows you to attack others or to defend yourself against enemies. See fight for more details.

    • The inventory button lets you access the inventory of your character.

    • Third from the left is the character button. Use it to see the current stats and attributes of your character, you may also distribute attribute points, depending on the number of available attribute points. See character building.

    • A balloon is shown on the fourth button. It takes you to a chat submenu as shown here.

      "Talk to all" will allow you to talk to all players that are close to you, "Talk to.." is the private chat option and "Messages" is your archive of chat messages which you did not yet receive. Find more information about chatting here.

    • Activating the button with a dollar sign on it will allow you to trade with other players in your range.

    • The rightmost button will open the questbook, see quests for more info.

    You may close the action menu without any activation of a button at any time using the BACK command.


    2. The game menu: Game options

    The right command key labelled GAME takes you to the game options as shown below.

    • In case your phone supports java midi sound playback, the first entry "Sound options" will allow you to toggle sound ON/OFF plus turning up or down the volume.

    • The second option "Network traffic" will display the sum of the total network traffic data sent and received since the start of the game.

    • The third entry "View credits" loads the credits for FantasyWorlds: Rhynn.

    • Use the "Exit" option to leave the game.

Fighting, Inventory and items, Character building, Chat, Trade