How to Play: Inventory and Items

Item categories

There are three main item categories:
  • Equipment items: These items can be worn by your character, thus influencing the character attributes. They cannot be consumed.
    Examples: Helmet, sword, shield
  • Usable items: As the name implies, these items are for using / consuming them a certain number of times (some may be used an infinite number of times). Each time the usable item is used this will cause a certain effect either on you (e.g. healing) enemies (e.g. combat spells) or the world (e.g. spells for terrain change, that will be available in later versions of the game).
    A simple example of a usable item would be a health potion.
  • Quest items: Quest items cannot be equipped and cannot be actively used, they will not show up in the inventory. They serve the purpose of solving certain quests that you may want to fulfill to (e.g.) gain access to new worlds.
    A key which you need to give to somone get past a locked door is an example for such an item.

Pickung up items

You pick up an item when you simply walk close to it and hit the FIRE button. Shortly thereafter a message will appear on the lower part of the display notifying you what kind of item was added to your inventory.
If however you pick up gold it will not be added to your inventory but increase your character's gold amount that is displayed on top of the screen (See game inteface).


Accessing and using the inventory

The inventory is the storage place of all your items. This is true for any kind of items (except gold), be it equipment items, usable items or quest items (See item categories).

Bring up the action menu and select the second button from the left to access the inventory.
Just below the top bar two rows with rectangular slots will show up. In case you picked up any items, these will show within these slots - one slot for each.

You can cycle through the inventory slots with the LEFT/RIGHT and UP/DOWN keys.
Depending on which item is currently selected, specific information for that item is shown below the inventory slots. In case the item influences any of your characters attributes (either when worn/equipped or when used), this influence is listed too. Positive influence is marked green, negative influence is marked red.
While the inventory is open, your equipment is displayed in the bottom right corner of the screen. Whenever you highlight an item in the inventory which is currently equipped, it will also be highlighted in the equipment display.

Bringing up the item context menu
To bring up the context menu for an item, make sure you have opened the inventory. First select the corresponding slot of the item as described above, then hit the FIRE key or the left command key.
The item context menu allows several options for the currently selected item that depend on the category and individual characteristics of the item.
This is what you can do with an item, using the context menu from the inventory:

- Use
- Equip/Unequip
- Set a sale offer / Cancel a sale offer
- Drop

All these options are explained below.

Using items
To use a usable item, open the context menu for it, then simply select the "USE" option.
Note that if the item is not usable, this option is not available. You can identify usable items in your inventory by a blue background of the slot where the item resides.

Equipping / unequipping items
To equip, select an equipment item in your inventory that is currently not worn by your character. Hit the FIRE key or the left command key to bring up the context options for this item. Select the "Equip" option.
Equipping an item means your character takes all the influence of that item, be it positive or negative.

Note that some items require a certain skill or magic value of your character before they can be worn.
If you equip an item of the same class as another (e.g. a sword and an axe are both weapons), currently equipped item, then this item which is currently equipped will automatically be unequipped to make "room" for the newly equipped item.

Unequipping an item is only possible for items that are currently equipped. Simply select the "Unequip" option from the context menu.
If you unequip an item, the influences the item may have on your character are no longer present - until you wear it again.

Slots holding equipment items that are currently not equipped have no background color, whereas items that are currently equipped/worn by your character display a green background. The equipped items are also shown at the bottom right area of the screen.

Selling items / cancelling a sale offer
If you want to sell an item, open the context menu for it as described above, and choose the "Sale offer.." option.

A new screen will come up that lets you define the amount you want to sell and the price that buyers will have to pay.
If the number of units for your item is only 1 (for example equipment items), input of an amount is deactivated.
After you have set a sale offer for an item, a small dollar sign will appear next to the item in the inventory.
To cancel a sale offer for an item, select the "Cancel sale" option. If you equip an item for which a sale offer has been set, the offer will not be automatically cancelled.
The only cases when a sale offer is cancelled are if you either do it explicitly as described above or if you drop an item (see below).
To find out how to buy items from other players, see the information on trading.

Dropping items
To drop an item, select "Drop" from the context menu of the item you want to drop.
If the item has more than 1 unit (e.g. a healing potion which may be used a couple of times), you will be prompted to specify the number of units you want to drop.

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