How to Play: Quests

Quests are certain tasks you may choose to complete. Finding a lost item or killing a special monster would be examples for simple quests. Quests may involve a series of tasks you must complete in order for the whole quest to be finished.

How to activate quests
To initially activate a quest you must talk to an NPC. You must do this via the NPC Dialogues.

Quest information: The questbook
Once you activate a quest by means of a dialogue, an entry will be added to the list of currently active quests in the questbook. Here is how you use the questbook:

  1. Activate the ACTION command
  2. Select the fifth button from the left, showing an open book.
  3. If there currently is at least one active quest in your questbook, a list of all quests will show up.
  4. For each entry in the list you can access two options via the OPTIONS command button: Show info and Delete
  5. Select the Delete option to remove a quest. By doing this you will most of the time still be able to activate the quest again at a later time.

  6. Select the Show Info option to display a detailed description for the currently selected quest in the questbook. This scenario is shown below.
    Be sure to look up this description every time you are notified that your questbook has been updated.

Quest rewards
Almost always you will get a reward (item, gold, experience, etc.) for successfully completing a quest. Also, most of the time it will be a valid assumption to expect a better reward form a quest which is more challenging than others.


NPC Dialogues