In long forgotten times a union was forged among all mortal beings who lived in the world of Rhynn. The sole purpose of this alliance was to fight those no one dared to fight before - the Gods of Rhynn. For in the ancient times many had blamed the Gods' reign to have caused great pain and suffering for countless years.
Under the command of the kings an army was established, yielding powers of unrivalled strength. This army was soon known as the 'Great Storm' and was sent off to overthrow the Gods and banish them with all their servants from Rhynn forever.

The war went on for years until the Great Storm faced the guarded gates of the Gods' Palace. In that final battle the Great Storm finally succeeded to drive back the Gods to a massive hall deep inside the palace. But just as they were all imprisoned, Nasath, greatest of all Gods, rises for one last time to unleash all his power into a deadly curse which he casts upon the creatures of Rhynn: "From this day to eternity, two dragons shall live in every creature and devour the souls of all the beings within Rhynn. Neither peace nor freedom shall exist until the Gods are freed again or the dragons of the world itself come to extinguish every spark of life."

That legend, until shortly, was mainly remembered by some of the more religious people and by travellers from the North. However, these days the tale may seem to be more present than ever before. Rumours about burnt woods, destroyed villages and sunken islands are passed on in every corner of Rhynn. You can even hear stories about ashes raining from the skies and fire coming from the earth. Has the age of dragons finally come?



The Journey Begins

You wake from an undefinable noise. A dark and gloomy day dawns on Fyn-Oril, an island far away from Rhynn. As you step out, the light of the two suns seems grey and dim, contrasting strong with the usual bright skies which used to greet you on each new day. While you take a look around you meet other people from Narmacil, your home village on Fyn-Oril.
Everybody seems to be disquieted by the thunder which can be heard rolling in the distance. Heavy clouds cast shadows of calamity and swarms of birds are deserting the island while the ground starts to quiver.
At once the earth is shaken with tremendous force. Streams of fire burst off the ground, dust rises in the air, and ashes are raining from the skies. Almost instantly the green plains turn black from the spreading fire and the trees come crashing down. Before you realize what happened you are knocked down. Slowly you fall to the bottom of darkness...

How long you had remained unconscious you cannot tell but already the waters are rising at the shores of the island. Everything is dragged towards the ocean depths and within hours the fate of Fyn-Oril is sealed. Only few escape the jaws of death before the island is devoured by untamable waters. Hastily you climb aboard one of the ships which are being prepared for immediate flight. Seized with horror you witness with your own eyes how the last remains of Fyn-Oril are sliding down. Together with a group of other survivors you set sail to get away from the dangerous whirls.

Once the ships are far enough away in safe waters, the Council of the Elders decides to cross the Ocean of Salema and head the ships towards the desert of Akana which is the southmost part of Rhynn - a hostile shore many miles away which you only know from the old tales. But there is no other choice, Fyn-Oril, and with it Narmacil, is gone. Although you start to realize that you lost your home and everything else in your posession the sparks of hope inside you still remain. At least you are still alive.

Two weeks later after a dreadful journey through storms of driving rain the ships are landing on the desert coasts. From there on, your group must continue by foot across the dead lands, a fierce march which goes on for days. When finally you arrive at the outposts of Akana City you cannot remember for how long you had been walking or what had happened along the road.
Only days later when you start to recover, you learn that the knowledge and wisdom of the Elders which guided your group was the sole reason why you and a few others indeed made it this far. Had they not known these lands, all hope would have been lost.

Many questions remain unanswered and you are determined to find the truth about what happened. What caused the disaster on Fyn-Oril? Why did the Council of the Elders talk about a new age coming? How is the world of Rhynn connected to these events?

It is in these hours that you understand how your life is about to start over new and you know you need to adapt to the challenges that lie ahead.
But before you can venture further, you need to train in combat and learn how to use magic powers.

You jump on your feet and head over to the barracks of Akana ...


Get ready for an epic adventure in the legendary world of Rhynn and find the answers you seek.



The background story above refers to the upcoming full version.

Compared to the current demo version, the full release will feature many times as much content and story elements right from the start.
Additionally, the continuous expansions will ensure that new content is constantly added.